More power - Less fuel

With motoroptimization or reprogramming as it is also called it's possible to increase the vehicle's power and torque while reducing the fuel consumption and the hazardous exhaust fumes thus reducing the overall stress to the environment. An improved torque makes the vehicle easier to drive and more dynamic. At the same time the vehicle becomes more pleasant to handle both in the city traffic and in the highways. Safer overtaking is possible due to the extra power. It is also possible for diesel engines to begin using bio-diesel or different mixtures of it without reducing the motor’s maximum efficiency. Generally the extra power is available at the lower revolutions and there is no need to rev the engine to get the power and thus it's possible to drive at higher gears at lower revolutions.

Your motortuning specialist for all vehicles

We can optimize almost all 21st Century cars, vans, trucks, heavy duty vehicles, farm tractors as well as boats.

Currently we are present in all Nordic countries as well as in Estonia/Baltic countries, Poland and North America. We possess the highest AAA -rating which means we're a professional and reliable partner in your vehicle's motor optimization.


Closed for Christmas. Reopening Jan 5

Merry Christmas to all.

Merry Christmas.

Wishing everyone a safe holiday season and a happy New Year.
We will reopen January 8.

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